Safety Culture Cold Eyes Review

Why It’s Important

Your safety culture drives your safety performance.  Our Cold Eyes Review shows you the key leverage points to strengthen that culture & lessen exposures, saving you heartache, time and money.

What Are the Outcomes?

  • Identified strengths
  • Identified opportunities
  • Understand the culture as your employees experience it and what drives current levels of safety now
  • Choose the best ways to lessen exposures & raise awareness, accountability, morale and performance; hardwire a stronger safety culture

How This Looks

In a typical Cold Eyes Review, we visit the corporate offices and multiple sites, interviewing personnel from the CEO and other executives to senior site leaders to supervisors, foremen & crafts.  In interviews that range from 30-60 minutes, we ask a series of simple questions to elicit how important safety really is; how the workforce is directed (or not), supported (or not) & incentivized (or not).

We compare and contrast the different voices and our own observations to prepare an extensive and detailed report, which allows senior leaders to hear and see what is really going on & how they can most effectively and efficiently strengthen their culture.