Safety in the field or on a job-site is heavily impacted by leaders and how they interact with their team on a day-to-day basis. Countless studies confirm the fact that strong safety leaders are less likely to have incidents and accidents on their crews as compared to those less knowledgeable and less skilled in leadership.

Going further than traditional personality assessments, the SafetyDNA® for Leaders profile measures key behaviors related to both personal safety and effective leadership:

Personal Safety

  • Stay in Control
  • Practice Awareness
  • Follow Rules
  • Exhibit Caution

Effective Leadership

  • Demonstrate Credibility
  • Lay Out a Vision
  • Coach
  • Champion Change

Uniquely, the SafetyDNA® for Leaders profile combines the information about personal safety and leadership practices to determine one’s Safety Leader Profile. This data provides clear direction of where development is needed in order to become a stronger, more complete safety leader.


Sets clear expectations and focuses on achieving results in a timely manner


Provides autonomy
avoids micromanaging


Results-focused while building personal relationships; inspires others


Fosters employee morale and builds strong relationships; quite likeable


The Four Factor SAFE Model

LUC’s SafetyDNA® for Leaders course reveals one’s typical approaches & teaches practical, no-nonsense skills to becoming a better, safer leader. Each participant will understand the risks and degree of exposure they and their team have correlated to their Safety Leader Profile. More importantly, participants will leave the course with a clear action plan that addresses their personal growth areas, which will enable them to make an immediate, positive impact for safety for themselves and their team.