Coaching: A Growth Accelerator


Coaching: A Growth Accelerator

The result of coaching is accelerated growth for the leader. Strategically (and perhaps courageously) taking time to invest in a quality coaching process produces substantial dividends. In fact, most leaders are continuously learning and growing year after year. It’s certainly natural for leaders to course-correct on their own. However, coaching helps leaders achieve concentrated growth by offering a rare, sustained stretch of time in which the leader is able to focus on work and deliberate self-reflection.

Expert coaching evokes new perspectives and insights. These are the fruits of fresh thinking that produce more precise behaviors and course corrections. It is amazing to be a coach and to be coached—I humbly relish both roles. The learning is richest when the coach and the leader are highly committed to the process. If they trust each other and fully engage the process, the leader will receive exactly what is needed to move forward faster at this particular point in his/her career.

— Mike Todd

Mike Todd

Mike Todd

Learning Unlimited Corporation (LUC) ambassador; a battle-tested 29-year enterprise. LUC has experience in every industry worldwide with leaders at all levels. LUC exists to help people and organizations LEARN. Developing leaders, building cohesive teams, and advancing healthy cultures through consulting, training, and strengths coaching is our joy, our privilege, and our craft.

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