...because everyone should go home safe at the end of the day.

Safety Culture Improvement Process

A true Culture of Safety embodies clearly defined truths and beliefs, is supported by visible safety leadership, and provides a process for continuous learning.

Learning Unlimited helps you grow your safety culture by facilitating alignment between members of your Senior Team. Senior leaders clarify the value of safety and its significance relative to other organizational imperatives, such as production and cost containment. They define the behaviors — for leaders and all other personnel — which will be evident in the workplace.

The truths uncovered in this alignment process are then hard-wired into the organization. These truths form the basis for customized training, which is delivered by seasoned facilitators and reinforced through subsequent coaching and measurement. The Safety Culture Improvement Process yields greater ownership for safety by all personnel, fewer at-risk behaviors and incidents, and a sustainable path to continuous safety improvement.

Process Summary

  • Cold Eyes Review – An online or paper survey (or combination of both), followed by selected individual and group interviews. Details the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the current safety culture and management systems.
  • The Safety Blueprint – Based on data obtained, senior leaders establish the vision and framework for the Safety Performance Culture. Addresses safety as a core value, the “One Message”, strategic provision of resources and removal of roadblocks, the leadership behaviors required and how accountability for safety results will be structured and maintained.
  • Safety Leadership workshops – Customized to lay out the senior team’s vision for safety, Safety Leadership workshops train operational leaders (i.e., your managers and supervisors) the skills and mindset needed to drive Safety Performance.
  • Sustaining Safety – key components to reinforce gains in safety, which include:
    • Cultural engagement training for individual contributors
    • Leadership coaching with operational leaders & safety professionals
    • Customized tools and resources

Time Considerations

  • Typically, the Cold Eyes Review, Safety Blueprint and delivery of the Safety Leadership workshops spans 4-6 months. Safety Sustainability occurs over the course of the following 12 months.
  • Workshop delivery hinges largely on the client’s schedules and preferences as to when to schedule their people.  LUC can deliver its training solutions on location anywhere in the world.
  • This is a holistic approach to safety culture improvement, in which each of the components fit together. The gains realized from each phase – the clarity, the learning, the raised expectations, etc. – are necessary to ensure success of the following phase. While there is no hard and fast rule, once the project is started, a certain momentum must be maintained for best results.