Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit


Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit



The Facilitation Kit offers a classroom experience that engages and educates. With a dynamic, modular design, a customizable presentation, and contemporary videos, your participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of their personalized profile and a memorable experience that inspires lasting behavior change. In this USB you’ll find three 90-minute modules, fully-scripted facilitation with engaging activities, and a workplace-focused video that features DiSC® styles in real work situations.

Also includes optional People-Reading and Comparison Report activities. Easily customize facilitation by selecting and switching out video clips, modifying slides, Leader’s Guides, and participant handouts. Add or delete segments to fit any time frame or workshop configuration. Facilitation is available as unlocked PowerPoint® slides and Word documents—making building a custom program easier than ever. Your employees will walk away with tools and an action plan that they can immediately apply to their daily interactions and continue to use beyond the program.

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation materials are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and an EPIC Sub-Account. Don’t have an Electronic Profile Information Center sub-account? Set-up is being waived for a limited time – a $150.00 value* – ask for yours today!