How Strong is Your Culture?

Culture is a priority for Senior Leadership.

Culture is not a priority for Senior Leadership.

Leadership Team meetings are rubust. There is clarity & buy-in producing commitment.

Leadership Team meetings are dominated by one or two voices. There is an appearance of commitment.

Our 2-3 “core” values are real and they drive us.

Our “core” values hang on the wall.

We have low turnover in key positions.

We have unwanted turnover in key positions.

Our people are highly engaged in their work. They're loyal, going above and beyond.

Our people do what they’re told, most of the time. Not much discretionary effort. It’s just a job.

Our culture drives our performance.

Our culture impedes our performance.

US Beef Compass Card

One client’s cultural framework: the "US Beef Compass”

US Beef is the largest Arby’s franchise in the world.

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