Culture Roadmap

Culture Roadmap

Executive Teams shape culture. Culture drives performance.
How clear is your people and culture strategy? How aligned is your team behind it?

Why It’s Important?

Leadership Teams shape culture. A strong culture drives organizational performance.


  • Learn what “culture” is and why it must be proactively shaped and nurtured
  • Break down silos; increase trust, alignment and accountability within the Leadership Team
  • Understand the culture as your employees experience it and what drives performance now
  • Choose the best ways to raise motivation, morale and performance; hardwire your Culture of Performance
  • Expand Leadership Team skills to support peak performance and drive organizational success
  • Higher levels of safety, talent retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and, ultimately, profitability




During the assessment phase, we gather information to gain a clear understanding of the behavioral, process, organizational and environmental issues that are influencing the undesired outcomes. This information is then summarized into a report to management to set the stage for their planning in phase II. Depending upon the project, this may entail personnel interviews in the field, on the shop floor or in the board room; electronic surveys, casual conversation among “boots on the ground” or focus groups may also be utilized. As an ancillary benefit, we frequently uncover issues that do not directly pertain to the scope of the project, of which management is currently unaware and include this information in our report as “additional insights.”



Leadership alignment – on goals, strategies, outcomes and accountabilities related to any culture change initiative – is crucial for success. LUC’s Roadmap process drives productive dialogue, debate and decision making. The Leadership team creates its own internal alignment first. Then it defines the cultural vision and crafts a specific plan to hardwire the desired culture into the organization.



A clearer vision of the company culture frequently demands new behaviors from your managers and supervisors. LUC develops, pilots and rolls out customized courses that a) reinforce the cultural clarity attained in the Roadmap process and b) teach the mindsets and skills required for each person to fully support the desired change. “Leading change” and “embracing change”, while similar, require different skill sets, often necessitating specific courses for leaders and other courses for the rank and file.



Superior training raises awareness and establishes expectations; real learning happens back on the job as people put the new behaviors into practice. To support the integration of the new ways of thinking, talking and doing into their ordinary work, we provide various options, depending upon the needs of the client: Executive Coaching (for Senior Leaders), Team Process Coaching (for the Steering Team) and follow on sessions, both in person and through the web. Your people are engaged with refreshers, suggestions for practice, questions for reflection and planning, chat-based coaching, and periodic, prescribed meetings with one’s manager.



At LUC, we understand that the purpose of developing employees is to improve a company’s performance. For this reason we put measures in place prior to initiating the process that will allow measurement of the impact of our work over time. Our work should translate into improved business performance outcomes and lead to a learning culture of engaged employees. At the end of the day, we recognize that our work has to positively affect performance, the bottom line and deliver results.


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