Heritage Team Building

We literally came out of the woods.
24 years ago, Learning Unlimited began as a ropes course company, guiding teams through physically demanding & emotionally-challenging outdoor obstacle courses. These active, memorable, multi-day experiences often produced real individual & team breakthroughs, allowing the team to experience its current strengths & weaknesses and find – in real time – more effective ways of working together in a fun atmosphere. It was pure experiential learning.
For a number of reasons, we chose to move into the board room & classroom over a decade ago, but we brought our Tevas with us. We purposefully incorporate experiential activities into all of our developmental work, and for certain teams, an activity-based experience is just what they need. When a team isn’t reaching optimal performance – whether due to a team member being headstrong, misalignment around goals, poor communication, or a low level of trust – team members may simply need to spend some time together, away from work and the workplace, in order to kick-start or reset themselves as individuals and as a group.
Drawing on and continuing the legacy of our co-founders, Learning Unlimited designs and facilitates powerful – and memorable – “Heritage” Team Building experiences that enable teams to freely identify their issues, practice more effective team behaviors, and plan for better teamwork in the workplace. And yes, these can be very effective indoors (in business casual, please) or out of doors.