What Are You Living For?

What Are You Living For?
November 9, 2016 Mike Todd

It’s a big yet simple question, I know. I endlessly ponder this in my life and it can be quite annoying. Often it’s a thought in the shower, during a cup of coffee in the morning, or as I’m falling asleep in bed.

With rare exceptions, most of us aren’t living just to survive, although it may feel that way sometimes. I believe that because each of us is such a uniquely fashioned person with distinct strengths and experiences; we each have a very different and individual answer to the question. This diversity of answers is a great thing.

My hope is that you are living for something that matters deeply to you. If not, or if perhaps you’ve forgotten thanks to the high-dosage daily distractions and challenges we all confront; you may elect to revisit this question again. Am I living for a particular career position, to provide for my family, for my community, to achieve and maintain a certain lifestyle, to live in a particular place, to do a specific kind of work or solve a particular problem?

Most importantly, we all share this earth at this time and place so I think we each have a responsibility to seek an answer even though it may never be perfectly “answered.” Life is a process of learning and growing so it seems we all see things differently over time and therefore we can and should keep evaluating the big “What are you living for?” question as we live.

If we routinely do this exercise, I believe we will receive a greater sense of purpose, direction, joy, achievement, and fulfillment. I am also confident our collective contributions to the world will be more substantial and precise.

So, what are you living for?

— Mike Todd