Do you offer a follow up or ongoing support?

Yes, at Learning Unlimited, we believe in the power of ongoing support and follow-up. Rather than treating team building as a one-off event, we view it as a continuous process. This approach often sets us apart from others in the field.

When you engage our services for team building, we propose a year-long endeavor that includes regular follow-up sessions. After an initial one or two-day event, we schedule several half-day sessions throughout the year. These sessions serve as progress reports, helping to keep the team connected to the learning and driving behavior change.

This ongoing approach ensures that the team building isn’t just a ‘flash in the pan’ event. Instead, it becomes a continuous process that truly impacts and drives behavior change. By treating team building as a process rather than a singular event, we ensure that the learning is not only impactful but also sustainable, leading to lasting improvements in team dynamics and performance.

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