How does Learning Unlimited’s coaching services work?

Learning Unlimited’s coaching services are designed as an intensive learning journey, typically spanning 10 to 12 months with around 16 one-hour sessions. We start by understanding the experiences, goals, and objectives of the potential coaching client. This understanding allows us to tailor the coaching process to meet their specific needs.

Whether it’s a new leader seeking to understand the basics of leadership or a seasoned professional aiming to finish their career on a high note, our coaching services cater to a wide range of needs. We provide exposure to a variety of assessments and resources, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Our coaching journey is not just about immediate growth; it’s an investment that continues to yield returns long after the coaching period ends. The knowledge and skills gained during the coaching process can serve as a foundation for deeper learning in the future.

One of the unique features of our coaching process is the distributed learning component. The coaching client is encouraged to share and teach the models and assessments they learn with their direct reports, peers, and often their supervisor. This approach not only intensifies the learning for the individual but also spreads the learning throughout the organization, creating a ripple effect of growth and development.

In essence, Learning Unlimited’s coaching services offer a comprehensive, tailored, and impactful learning journey that benefits not just the individual, but also their team and the wider organization.

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