What is Five Behaviors and how it can help help a team?

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is a powerful model based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Celebrating its 20th anniversary and with over three and a half million copies sold, the model’s enduring popularity attests to its effectiveness.

At the heart of every team are individuals, each with their unique traits and tendencies. These differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, lack of cooperation, and frustration, causing dysfunction within the team. The Five Behaviors model addresses these issues head-on, providing teams with a diagnostic tool to improve their dynamics and reduce dysfunction.

While it doesn’t eliminate all dysfunction—after all, people are people—it significantly reduces it. The model promotes productive conflict, which is essential for growth and innovation, as opposed to destructive conflict, which can hinder progress.

Moreover, the Five Behaviors model emphasizes the importance of collective results. Many teams fall short of their potential due to lack of cohesion and alignment. By internalizing the principles of the Five Behaviors model, teams can significantly improve their performance and achieve their collective goals.

In our experience at Learning Unlimited, we’ve found nothing that does a better job than the Five Behaviors model. We use it within our own team and can attest to its effectiveness. Its continued popularity two decades after its inception speaks volumes about its value in fostering cohesive, high-performing teams.

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