What is the what’s the process of getting started with Learning Unlimited?

Getting started with Learning Unlimited is a straightforward process. It begins with a conversation to understand your needs. Whether you’re interested in coaching services for yourself or your organization, we can arrange a meeting either in person at our offices or virtually via a Teams call.

If you’re interested in the administration of DiSC or Five Behaviors, you can also have a call with Cassandra from our team, who can provide a detailed overview.

Once we understand your needs, we can suggest how we can support you and propose a tailored plan. We’re flexible and experienced, so we can adjust our approach to what works best for you. This could involve proposals, test drives, or pilots.

A key aspect of our approach is empowering you to carry the developmental torch alongside us. We believe in equipping leaders and organizations with the tools and knowledge to continue the development process internally. We kickstart the process and build momentum, but we also prepare you to carry on the work. This approach ensures that the development is not solely dependent on us and that it continues to have an impact long after our direct involvement ends.

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