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Donald Clifton spent 40 years studying the strengths of great leaders. He became the father of the worldwide strengths movement – a powerful movement focused on what individuals do well. Humans enjoy substantial success when we know, develop, and employ our strengths in work and life. On the other hand, when we focus on our…

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Coaching Blog

The result of coaching is accelerated growth for the leader. Strategically (and perhaps courageously) taking time to invest in a quality coaching process produces substantial dividends. In fact, most leaders are continuously learning and growing year after year. It’s certainly natural for leaders to course-correct on their own. However, coaching helps leaders achieve concentrated growth…

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5b Pyramid

“Artificial Harmony” is a condition that silently strikes many teams. Perhaps surprisingly, I experienced it early in my career with Learning Unlimited. I participated in and furthered the overly friendly, comfortable culture. Good intentions deceptively produced a peaceful, respectful workplace; yet “fear of conflict” due to “limited trust” stole my team’s best results. Artificial harmony…

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Work Life Balance

As a homeschooling momma of four with a part-time job, balance is often a struggle. As I have stretched to fit into my various roles, there are a few hacks I rely on in order to maintain balance. One of these is knowing my priorities. When I know what is most important, I’m able to…

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