Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Get the emotional intelligence you need to help an agile culture thrive.

Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ is a classroom training and personalized learning experience that teaches people how to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and act accordingly.

By combining the personalized insights of DiSC® with active development of emotional intelligence, participants find a flexible way to interact with others at work and learn how to get around outside of their comfort zone. This gives them the power to handle any situation.

During this half-day training, participants will find out their EQ strengths, realize their EQ potential, and commit to custom strategies for building agility. The result is a team of people who are emotionally intelligent and can help your agile culture thrive.

The main points of the Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile are:

  • Finding out what your DiSC style is
  • Getting to know your EQ strengths
  • Recognizing your EQ potential
  • Committing to custom strategies for building agility

The Profile

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile gives participants useful information that helps them learn more about emotional intelligence and interact with coworkers in a more flexible way.

In this personalized 26-page profile, participants will find out their DiSC style, learn about the automatic ways of thinking that shape their responses and interactions, see opportunities to go beyond what comes naturally to them, and learn actionable ways to be more flexible in how they handle social and emotional situations.

The companion facilitation is sold separately and can be used with or without the profile.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ DiSC Map