Five Behaviors Personal Development

It's time to change the way we work as a team.

Team members in the modern workplace have to work in a place that is always changing. That's not easy, and employees need to be flexible, good with people, and good at building relationships in order to deal with interpersonal problems and help their teams as a whole improve.

But good teamwork doesn't happen overnight and isn't always something you're born with. Teamwork has to be learned and practiced, and it needs the right structure to do well.

Building a culture of teamwork can be done with the help of The Five Behaviors® Personal Development.


What Is The Five Behaviors® Personal Development?

Wiley and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni worked together to make the book The Five Behaviors® Personal Development. The model from Lencioni's book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is used at the organizational level to teach people how to be better team members.

This powerful virtual or in-person experience evaluates a person's approach to teamwork, gives them personalized advice on how they can work with others more effectively and teaches them the key behaviors and interpersonal skills they need to work well with others.

The result is a unique and effective team development solution that gives people the power to rethink their approach to teamwork, shape new, more productive behaviors to increase productivity, and create a common language that completely redefines what it means to work together to build a culture of teamwork.

Lencioni's model is based on five key behaviors that help build high-performing teams: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

What Is The Five Behaviors® Personal Development?

Patrick Lencioni, a leading thinker on how to work well as a team and collaborate, came up with his powerful and easy-to-understand model almost 20 years ago. Then, Wiley took Lencioni's model and turned it into a scalable training solution that makes this kind of personalized, engaging learning come to life. How The Five Behaviors® Personal Development works is explained below.

The Model

The Five Behaviors model looks like a pyramid, with each behavior building on the one before it. Simple, logical, and clear: you can't have one behavior without the others already being in place to support it.

The Assessment

Through a personality assessment, The Five Behaviors offers adaptive testing that is backed by research.

The Profile

After taking the test, participants get a detailed, personalized profile that helps them learn more about themselves, their work style, and the work styles of others in their organization.

The Facilitation

The experience is completed through a half-day training session, led by a trained Five Behaviors expert. This session includes a walkthrough of the Personal Development profile, breakout activities, and group discussion.