Leadership Coaching

What Is It?

Leadership coaching is a confidential, one-on-one relationship that evokes excellence in others. During our leadership programs, clients are guided to reflect deeply, problem solve and embrace more effective mindsets and behaviors. They receive the individualized guidance, challenge, support and skills training needed to achieve greater leadership success.

Who Is It For?

Executives, senior managers and “high potential” personnel. Candidates referred to us typically are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • History of success in prior roles; currently challenged by new role and/or greater responsibilities
  • High intelligence, needs more emotional intelligence
  • Technically/operationally proficient yet needs to strengthen leadership capacity
  • Being eyed for C-level promotion and would “be there now, except for _________”

What Are the Benefits?

Our leadership coaching clients emerge from the coaching relationship with

  • Sharpened focus on the issues that are critical to their performance
  • Clear strategies for improved personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Goals for continued learning and growth
  • Commitment to behavior change
  • Confidence that they will succeed.

What does the Leadership Coaching process involve?

While each coaching relationship is unique, most engagements in our leadership programs will include:

  • Exploratory meeting to determine coach / client compatibility and fit.
  • Intake meeting to establish the coaching focus and specific objectives. Depending upon your objectives, this may include interviews with other staff.
  • Assessment utilizing questionnaire and personality profiles appropriate to your profession and/or job function.
  • Observations at your workplace (or other place you do business) to become acquainted with real-time personal and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Regularly-scheduled coaching meetings (or calls) to maintain focus, deal with issues and support progress.
  • Skills training to enable successful performance.
  • Executive Summary provided upon closure.

Commitment & Time Frame

  • Behavior change takes time and commitment. Be prepared to commit to 12 sessions, on average. Most coaching relationships last from eight to ten months.