DiSC Immersion

DiSC Immersion for Teams

Leveraging 27 years experience facilitating the powerful DiSC model with your team.

Everything DiSC provides a simple yet powerful framework to understand and discuss human differences, enabling team members to appreciate and capitalize upon each person’s contributions.

DiSC Immersion for Teams incorporates the highly personalized Everything DiSC Workplace assessment with in-depth discussion, and relevant activity to reveal team members various tendencies, preferences, and priorities. DiSC cuts through cloudy concepts of human personality in a healthy, straightforward framework.

In as little as 3-4 hours, team members will have greater trust.  They will leave energized with simple, practical steps to improve how they work together.

DiSC Immersion for Teams can be tailored to focus on topics from sales to customer service to supervision to productive conflict. Customization ensures your team learns DiSC within the context that delivers maximum value to your organization.

Learning Unlimited has utilized and facilitated DiSC since 1993. Allow us to share our experience in facilitating this powerful tool with your team.



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