DISC Immersion

DISC provides a simple yet powerful framework to understand and discuss human difference, enabling team members to appreciate & capitalize upon each person’s contributions. The DiSC Immersion workshop incorporates one of the Everything DiSC suite of tools, in-depth discussion and experiential activity to reveal your team members’ similarities & differences & to make the sometimes cloudy concepts of human personality come alive. Members learn what they need from others and what others need from them to work at their best, both individually and collaboratively. In as little as four hours, your team members will understand themselves and their co-workers more fully and will leave with simple, practical steps to improve how they work together.


The DISC Immersion workshop can be expanded and customized to focus on a variety of topics, from customer service to supervision to conflict resolution, ensuring that your team learns DISC in the context that will bring the most value to your organization. Learning Unlimited has utilized and facilitated DISC since the company’s founding in 1993. Allow us to offer our experience in facilitating this powerful tool with your team.